How Sweet the Sound

You know, I didn’t realize- when I got into this blog- that I was going to need to be tying in historical figures with Music. That, uh…that changes things. For me. So, excuse me while I go dive into the wise, wise waters of Wiki-pedia.

…some more…

On second or third thought, I’m just going to fore-go my own certain pretentiousness about History and I’m just going to write about Music. How’s that sound? I’ll leave it to these other fellas to be fuckin’ brilliant about it all.

I don’t know if Kevin/Bosco/Shaun told you, but at least three of us (I don’t know Shaun’s sitch so well) are living, writing/recording musicians, and were you one as well then you’d know that Music gets to be a very touchy subject. It’s no longer about liking a song “just because”. You’ll find that at least 63% of the world’s [or The United States’ (they’re synonymous, of course)] population will tell you their reason for liking a song is because:

“It’s just good”.

“But why?”

“I can dance to it”,


“It makes me feel good”.

Such depth– I know! Sigh- we can’t all be poets and songwriters, I reckon. But when you are, you get to know what makes a song hit you in the guggle.

It’s that progression,

that clutch bass line or piano lick that comes in at exactly the right moment,

that musical parallel between the words and the music,

those lyrics that don’t need to sound clever to be immensely poignant.

Oh, I can indeed tell you something about our History: when our parents were our age and younger, they listened to music most intently through the record player. Albums were expensive, and in order to hear them you had to buy them- or have a friend who bought them. It was a social thing- not like our goddamned, antisocial iPods, Zunes, all that shit. You bought a new album and you were the king/queen because you had it and you could have listening parties where friends would just gather around, drink a Coca-Cola Classic out of a perfect-sized, green glass bottle and just. fucking. LISTEN. God- just the thought of it.

Anyway, I’m going to stop there. I tried to write a post a week or so ago and fell asleep, so…I’m going to stop while I’m ahead. Or actually a bit behind, as the other guys have been blogging quite up the arse.

I’ll be back. Ask questions and I’ll finish up some lingering thoughts that were definitely hanging around my synapses, just forgetting to connect onto this page.




One Response to How Sweet the Sound

  1. dean tuck says:

    ahhh….it’s true, it’s true. my buddy looks at me like i’m crazy when i say i’d rather sit and listen to three albums all the way through than watch some epic 3-hour movie.
    and you’re so right about the anti-social-ness of the iPod…not only anti-social, but selfish. i don’t know how many times i’ve wanted to stick my earplugs in someone else’s ears to give them a listen, but that would be grotey. so, the other day i but one of those earphone splitter things so you could plug in to pairs of headphones. step one. now, i gotta go make a friend or something.
    but i’m guilty of the whole, iPod “don’t talk to me, i’m in my cell today” thing. i hate it, but it’s so. i think this is detrimental to writers. how can you be a participant and an observer of human nature when you’re closing yourself off. too many good lines and ideas come from overhearing what comes from other people’s mouths.
    i.e. i was walking across campus the other day and two guys smoking outside the art building were talking. one complained to the other, “i mean, it’s like no one in this school’s ever heard of Tears For Fears or something.”
    sets the wheels spinning, doesn’t it?

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