it appears a mix swap is in order

and that this thing didn’t take off quite like i had hoped. my revamping it = bust. i know all contributers are very busy doing new things in life, who can be expected to write on the records of history?

well, i am, but for a different purpose, and that is to extend an inviation to anyone reading this for the opportunity to get down with a mix swap. you get a mix from me before i leave for zambia & i get the opportunity to get a mix from you to take with me! as inspired by my own past music swap history via lifejournal; a giant mix swap which included riebs, the d, misty, dre, elk epicness on tape, many more.

even if i don’t know you, i’ll put something out, just respond with a mailing address and i’ll get it to you as soon as i can. some may make more sense to be hand delivered, if, for instance, i know i will see you before leaving, so consider that before mailing anything to:

1654 Jefferson Dr.
Florence, SC 29501

sorry for using this blog for personal gains with no historic value in advance, elk, and therefore ruining any street cred accrued. though, i would say a mix is an entire snapshot of an emotion, feeling, moment, a sort of reflection of a relationship’s history between those swapping. talk about a personal record of history i mentioned in other entries- what better than the mix, especially if you’re not someone who makes music yourself? i could go on about the greatness of mixes, but i think they are obvious and we all know them. am i right? see, all isn’t ruined.

don’t think twice. swap. just do it, yos!


2 Responses to it appears a mix swap is in order

  1. Samantha says:

    When do you leave? A timeframe is needed in determining how epic the mix will be.

  2. robotalk says:

    i leave in july; 22nd is my staging, so probably best to get it in a week before then to make sure i’ll get it. and let me get an address for a return mix!

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