19 Degrees of Separation

November 25, 2010

Today I was looking through my college computer files and came across this treasure from spring semester of freshman year. John and I were DJs at 88.7 WXJM Harrisonburg in a Thursday morning 8am-10am timeslot that semester. It was one of the more fun things I think I’ve ever done. Each week we mostly played my favorite songs and his favorite songs. We begged our friends to listen. Mostly I think just my dad tuned in each week. We got one call in over the course of the entire semester.

On one Thursday, we decided to try to link each song with the previous one, either through artists, producers, sound engineers, etc. Today I re-discovered the set list from that morning. It doesn’t have the songs listed unfortunately, but I wanted to commit this to the collective memory of the interwebs for posterity. What follows is the actual artist set list I typed up about five years ago for that radio program.

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it appears a mix swap is in order

June 5, 2009

and that this thing didn’t take off quite like i had hoped. my revamping it = bust. i know all contributers are very busy doing new things in life, who can be expected to write on the records of history?

well, i am, but for a different purpose, and that is to extend an inviation to anyone reading this for the opportunity to get down with a mix swap. you get a mix from me before i leave for zambia & i get the opportunity to get a mix from you to take with me! as inspired by my own past music swap history via lifejournal; a giant mix swap which included riebs, the d, misty, dre, elk epicness on tape, many more.

even if i don’t know you, i’ll put something out,┬ájust respond with a mailing address and i’ll get it to you as soon as i can. some may make more sense to be hand delivered, if, for instance, i know i will see you before leaving, so consider that before mailing anything to:

1654 Jefferson Dr.
Florence, SC 29501

sorry for using this blog for personal gains with no historic value in advance, elk, and therefore ruining any street cred accrued. though, i would say a mix is an entire snapshot of an emotion, feeling, moment, a sort of reflection of a relationship’s history between those swapping. talk about a personal record of history i mentioned in other entries- what better than the mix, especially if you’re not someone who makes music yourself? i could go on about the greatness of mixes, but i think they are obvious and we all know them. am i right? see, all isn’t ruined.

don’t think twice. swap. just do it, yos!

Not to belabor the point, but…

November 13, 2008

Rolling Stone’s current issue lists off the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time.” Bob Dylan was on the cover and my gut reaction was, “What? Bob Dylan wasn’t a good singer… I mean, he was good, but one of the 100 Greatest?”

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